Sunday 28 March 2021

Hose Trenching & Bed Frame Cutting


I used the two foot long 3" diameter power planter to drill a number of holes in the ground from the corner of the water tank and tap cutting across the main path at an angle to the corner of my plot.

I fixed the hose and then cable tied the hose to the pipe supplying the water to the tank and tap so that when it's unattached it will not flop down and get lost in the long grass that grows around the tank . The trench was cleaned out . bottomed out with a trowel and the hose dropped inside the trench.

The hose was pressurised so that it didn't get squashed during the backfilling process and gradually the hose was buried in the bottom of the 75mm shallow trench.

My trusty Ryobi drill and 75mm (3") by 600mm or 2 foot long Power Planter auger which made light work of doing this and saved me having to bed down or get down using the shorter bit that I also have. If you ever get a Power Planter make sure you have a drill with the stabilising handle.

The soil was brushed back into the trench and then I used the hose to wash the remainder of the excavated soil back into the trench. The water will assist in reconsolidating the soil around the hose, which was still pressurised. I will scatter some grass seed and some compost over the trench to heal the scar I have made in the main path and within a few months no one will know the hose is there.

Tulips giving a flash of colour and a source of pollen for the bees that are now awake and out and about. Many of the daffs have come up blind and I have no idea why?

I moved the painted timbers for SFG Bed 2 and placed on SFG Bed 1 and then proceeded to cut the timbers for SFG Bed 3. There are nail plates that need removing and the timbers need de nailing and then painting but at least they are now cut to size. The timbers stacked at the rear left are for the solar tunnel/ Superdome bed.

Yep one timber is deeper than the rest but I will just loose that in the ground when I assemble and install. The timber stacked up to the side of SFG Bed 1 is mainly scaffold boards and are thus 38mm and not 50mm thick but will do for small beds in the corner of the plot.

Malling Juno (early) Raspberries from D.T. Brown showing signs of growth and life.

View looking down plot 1 the timber that was over the beds on the left has now been sorted into those required for the solar tent bed which will be 3.2m the length of my longest timbers x 0.9m. Its amazing how much growth the green manure has made in the last week. I really need to cut and drop within the next 7 - 10 days before it goes to seed.

It's nice seeing the vision in my mind gradually becoming a reality. many bees and wasps drinking from the water held by the yellow tarps as it was quite warm on the plot today.

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