Sunday 21 March 2021

Polka Raspberry Canes Arrive

The missing Polka Raspberries from D.T.Brown were shipped and arrived Saturday  

They were unpacked and stood in some water whilst I got on with getting their bed clear and ready for them. Nice to see the new growth and the raspberries looking healthy. I will keep an eye on them and make sure they survive the transplanting.  

I moved all of the flower buckets and potato 30Litre buckets of woodchips and topsoil from the 4th Raspberry bed to along the wall in the un-dug area of plot 1 next too the wall for the moment. 

I was surprised when my eldest daughter Emma turned up to spend some socially distanced time to help her old Dad by weeding plot 1A's paths for me. The photo was taken when we took a short drink break. Thanks for the company and the assistance babe, still can't wait until I can give her a cuddle. She is tested twice a week and has had her second vaccine, but still wanted to maintain 2m distance. 

I pinched this photo from Emma's Facebook, proof that we socially distanced during her visit. 

As Emma worked on Plot 1A I pulled the tarp around the Raspberry beds and placed the four 600x600 bed frames in the locations they will ultimately be installed in to weigh down the tarp. It also gives me a look at how the finished arrangement will look like.  

So with the bed now cleared, I gave it a dressing of acidic compost, planted the raspberries watered them in and added a mulch dressing.  

Emma cleared most of the paths up the top end of plot 1A. The weed chip paths up there are now supporting weed growth and need to be added to compost piles and replaced with new woodchips.  

The shed floor was cleared of boxes and the gardening items put in the drawers that were added a few weeks ago, allowing for the fold out seat to be placed inside and once again I have somewhere to shelter if caught in the rain. 

The Lidl growing trough on legs was assembled and placed beside the greenhouse. 

Panorama from the corner of plot 1 looking up to plot 1A 

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