Sunday 5 April 2020

Sparkle Clean Greenhouse

Yesterday afternoon with the glorious sunshine I thought OK it's time to hit the greenhouse and give it a real sparkle clean. I had already cleaned all the trays on the top shelf so I removed everything else and brushed out all the cob webs and I cleaned and polished the polycarbonate to the front. Everything that was in there was washed, rinsed and dried before being returned.

Normally by now the Space Saver would be heaving but for the moment the 77 Module tray of tomatoes are visiting on sunny warm days, I have moved the two 40 Module trays of Onions in and I have a 40 module tray of Radish growing. The bag of Pentland Javelin spuds that I picked up from B&Q when I bought the mobility scooter garage, OK the Ketter store before the Coronavirus hit are now chitting and I've just noticed that the recommendation for planting is mid to late March so next sunny day I can see a few buckets of spuds being planted.

I will shortly have no option but to pot on the tomatoes and then I will be using the Bio Green Firefly in the middle of the opening to keep the frost at bay as the temperatures are bound to drop before the end of the month. 

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