Thursday 2 April 2020

Crop Rotation

My crop rotation is based on four beds of spuds, up to now I have had 12 full sized beds so a three year rotation clockwise with everything moving along four beds each season. This year it was supposed to be different, as I was hoping to have a lot more infrastructure to the new half plot on the left in place before the end of April and more beds to play with.    

This was where I wanted to be by the start of the season for 2020 until the Corona Virus came and as a result I can't get to the allotment as I'm self Isolating to protect the wife. 

Progress as of March 2020 is Beds 14 & 27 are in and there are Parsnips in bed 11 and that's it for the moment, as that was the easiest bed to get at and I didn't have my plan with me when I planted the Parsnips in loo rools.

I will not be visiting the allotment I'm guessing for at least for the next 3 months. If driving to the Allotment remains allowed I will see if my daughter and son-in-law want to use the allotment as a form of exercise. 

At the moment the National Allotment Society is suggesting only one person per plot and if possible to keep away for the next 3 weeks as really apart from prep work most things can wait until the last frost date which for the South East of England is the last week of April.   

Above was the Plan for 2019 Based on getting the beds in on plot 1, however the leg injury meant that only the flower beds went in late 2019 and Bed 29 ended up becoming Daffs and Tulips 

2018 Plot 1A Plan

On the basis that I will keep on Spencer Road for one more year. At the moment I have no idea if my neighbour is going to give his plot up, but you can see my thinking if he does. If it happens then his plot is larger than mine and I will have a wealth of space to move into, once it is cleared of all the brambles, Nettles, bind weed and couch grass.

There will be a bed of spud or two at Spencer Road this year and the spud beds have reduced from four to three on Mill Green this year.

The tomato grow house has been replaced with a potting bench / work station and there is another large Dalek no 6 that needs to be added to the layout shown above, The Cherry tree in the bottom left corner has been donated to my brother-in-law.

2017 Plot 1A Plan

Four Beds of spuds planned but due to the wife being taken into hospital only two actually made it into the ground on this plot and two beds on Spencer Road, Bed 7 became Cucumber, Gherkins and Sweetcorn.

2016 Plot 1A Plan

Only three beds of spuds with first early potatoes being grown in buckets, First year for Butternut Squash and gave up on strawberry bed.  

2015 Plot 1A Plan

This was the year I added the Tomato Grow House against the wall, and only three beds of spuds with first early potatoes being grown in buckets

2014 Plot 1A Plan

This was the year I lost Bed 6 to the Greenhouse and bed 5 became the Strawberry bed

2013 Plot 1A Plan

2012 Plot 1A Plan

2012 Plot 1A Original thoughts before clearing the plot


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