Sunday, 12 April 2020

More Path Weed Membrane

A mixture of 600mm and 666mm wide sheets cut from the 50m x 2m wide roll 1x 800mm wide roll so that makes a total of 

  4 x 800mm wide path rolls 3.5m long 
13 x 600mm (some slightly wider) path rolls 3.5m long 

The extra 600mm wide rolls will extend the Dalek composting area. So now I need to make some 2.4m x 1.2m Blank bed sheets so the offcut will be 800mm long so once I have made another 3 blank bed sheets I will have the required amount to sheets to complete the paths shown above. 

This is the only positive to come out of the lockdown and the dry bright weather in that I have time to get in advance of myself on path weed membrane production. 

I have just heard from other tenants that the one person who tells everyone he hates woodchip paths had spent the last two days moving what was left of the pile in the car park to his plot!. Strange times indeed.

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