Friday 3 April 2020

Path Weed Membrane

With work now not possible because of shielding my wife, and a sunny afternoon and temperatures such that I could go out quite comfortably in a tee shirt as the sun shines on the rear of the house late afternoon. I dug out the scaffold board, soldering iron, silver paint marker and steel tape measure and set about marking up and cutting 3m lengths of 2m wide weed membrane.

Two 600mm wide strips were marked up and cut off with the soldering iron leaving a 800mm wide strip. They were trimmed on the ends as they had already started to fray and rolled up for easy storage and ultimately transporting to the allotment once I'm out of self imposed isolation.

Working out how many more rolls I'm going to need. 
7 x 800mm wide and at least 11 x 600mm wide rolls.  

"My Boys" as they become to be know as have been let out of house arrest and have been enjoying real sunshine the the Space Saver Greenhouse during the day and my good lady wife reminds me to bring the "Boys" back in the house at night as the temperatures fall. 

Many more now have their true leaves forming and there are still a couple of late germinators, since counting on the 25th March now 22 days in from sowing we have one extra, Maskotka, Micro Tom & Hahms Gelbe Topftomate making the germination rates increase thus:-  

4/5 =   80% Bajaja 
5/5 = 100% Cherrie Kisses 

3/5 =   60% Maskotka 

3/5 =   60% Minibel 
5/5 = 100% Micro Tom 
5/5 = 100% Red Robin 
5/5 = 100% Rotkappchen 
5/5 = 100% Tiny Tim
5/5 = 100% Totem 
3/5 =   60% Hahms Gelbe Topftomate 
2/5 =   40% Patio Plum 
5/5 = 100% Summerlast F1

3/5 =   60% Balconi Yellow F1

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