Sunday, 14 April 2019

More Freecycle Treasure

The leg is gradually getting better, but it's still not good enough to risk working on the allotment at the moment, and I still need to elevate it to aid in the healing process. 

As a result I didn't visit the plot to work on it this Sunday morning, but then I manage to win a load of polycarbonate offcuts on Freecycle!. 

The two largest are 1.5m x 0.6m and still have their protective plastic on. I can use one for making a canopy and covered in area cold frame porch area to the front of the shed and the small strips can be used to construct a few cloches. 

I picked them up and dropped them off at the plot in the evening and then it was back on the settee with the leg up on the poof. 

I'm really hoping my bloods are normal and the infection is gone on the 24th when I go back a AEU for a review, I need to catch up down the plot.  

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