Friday 26 April 2019

Allotment Security Is Slacking

My niece Kirsty and sister in law Pauline visited their plot yesterday which is on the same site and sent me a photo of my security guard on my plot laying down on the job with the title "Allotment security is slacking" He is laying on the timbers that slid off the bread basket saw horses and damaged my leg bless him. And it is set up in what will ultimately be a bed I guess.

The did put him back on duty when they left but left him in a more relaxed pose ;)

Meanwhile back at the ranch and at my wife's suggestion I set up a scaffold boards between two tables in the lounge, got the trusty soldering iron out and spent a couple of hours of cutting/ welding weed membrane sheets off the 2m wide roll into 2.4m x 1.2m Bed sheets and 2.4m x 800 path sheets.

Next will be setting out the hole pattern for burning out and welding the holes for 3 x 3 row potato and 3 x onion planting membrane bed sheets.

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