Tuesday 2 April 2019

Gardening Can be Dangerous!

Update on the Allotment injury, so as directed I have been taking the additional antibiotics and went to the hospital today to see what needs to happen next. 

The red swelling has gone beyond the line drawn Sunday, due to gravity I'm informed and the bottom by the ankle and side is extremely tender and sore. The doctor was not impressed with how the fast the medication is taking to deal with the situation, so the answer was...... 

Antibiotics by IV for the next three days and then review to see if I need more. As Sunday they had a great time trying to actually get the needle in me again. 

But this time the plumbing is left in and I get to take it home with me and keep it until the course of IV is at an end, which will save time and numerous wadds of dressing over failed attempts and brusing up both hands and arms.

I have been warned that now this has happened to me I have to be extra careful of small cuts and insect bites in the future, as I'm likely to flair up again, Oh joy of joys!

It has been suggested by my Cuz Jackie that I take up knitting, I have pointed out that I would likely stab myself with a needle.   


  1. Oh dear, sorry son thouhh I could do with a new jumper for the allotment, so maybe it eill all work out

    1. Mark I was a jumper when it happened, after the closing the eyes and absorbing the pain moment went away