Thursday 25 April 2019

Alliance Sweetcorn - New from Marshalls

Historically I have grown Lark and Swift sweetcorn, this year I'm giving the New Marshalls Alliance F1 Hybrid seeds a go. The Packs are £2.79 for 40x Sweetcorn Seeds and the write up from Marshalls says that this New variety is particularly hardy to varying weather conditions and temperature changes that we now experience in a typical UK Summer, and that every cob fills completely with juicy kernels from the base to the tip. 

Last year due to the weather myself and other plot holders found that our sweetcorn didn't grow as tall as in previous years, so it's going to be interesting to see how Marshalls New Alliance F1 Sweetcorn compares with Lark & Swift for taste and kernel coverage. 

For those too lazy to buy and grow from seed Marshalls Sweetcorn Alliance Plants can be purchased for £6.99 for a pack of 16 x plants and buy 2 or more and the packs reduce to £5.99

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