Saturday 9 March 2019

Quad Biking

Time again for my Birthday / Fathers Day treat, the annual trip down to TRUE GRIP OFF ROAD and to go play in the quarry, the wind swept hill sides with fantastic views over the great British landscape and then into the woods and tracks that because of the time of year had some really deep puddles to navigate. A tree blocked the path in the woods and we made a new path around the obstruction as there was no way of moving the tree out of he way.  

My Railway PPE had been sitting in the shed doing nothing for far too long and I guessed it was going to be a little muddy, so I decided that I would give it an outing today. We followed Paul around the course and I picked up the rear spot as I like to keep an eye on the girls and for some reason Paul found it easy to spot me, I can't understand why can you? 

A big Thank you to Paul our instructor and guide for a smashing morning, that's him in the photograph above if you want a really enjoyable couple of hours then contact TRUE GRIP OFF ROAD

Telephone 01233 662251
Twitter @truegrip

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