Monday 4 March 2019

Onion Sets

I took a trip into the local pound shop & Wilko and picked up the Onion Sets, Red Baron, Silver Moon & Setton and when my free sample of Grower's Blend Vegetable Growing Compost arrives from Marshalls I will be getting the sets off to an early start by planting them in modules indoors and then placing them out in the greenhouse, as the ground is still too cold and wet to plant them outside directly in the ground and there is still talk of snow between now and mid April after the last frost. They should root well in the modules and be ready to be transplanted once the soil has warmed up, giving them a longer growing season, and less time in the soil on the allotment so hopefully less chance of them being attacked by white rot.

I only grew a 100 bulbs last year and we ran out just before Christmas so hopefully an additional 50 bulbs will mean we have onions for much longer in 2019/2020  

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