Sunday, 10 March 2019

High Winds - Greenhouse Clearance.

The forecast for this Sunday was high winds and locally we did have structural damage to buildings, indeed some of the materials from the building site behind our allotment had made it over the eight foot brick wall and onto our allotment plots, especially the eight foot by four foot sheets of foil covered insulation.

One Daff has flowered and others are on their way, but they are much shorter than I was hoping for, perhaps next week there will be enough to bring a bunch home for my good lady wife. 

Due to the rain in the morning I didn't get down to the allotment until 9:15am and I came away about 12:40pm when the hailstones started. In between I cleared two sack loads of rubbish that had been accumulating in the greenhouse and actually got to the point where I could see the floor of the greenhouse! 

I manged to create a load of milk bottle soft bricks with the sand that had dried off in the greenhouse and to empty the sand from a number of old split milk bottles that had gone brittle and degraded in the sunlight into the now empty drying tins and containers.  

I have three sacks of sand in the greenhouse which need drying out and a number of square flower buckets with empty milk bottles ready for filling so that I have the smooth bricks ready to hold down the planting weed membrane and blank sheets that will be required for the new beds.

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