Sunday 24 March 2019

Full Day on the Plot

As a carer it does not happen very often that I get a Full Day on the allotment, but my daughters have taken their Mum out to Brighton for a day of pampering, she is having a facial and being made up and shopping so I bought a meal deal from Tesco on the way to the plot and I was working from 9:00 - 6:30

I cut up so much rotten timber that I used up the who charge of the 4Au Ryobi battery on my circular saw for the first time ever. It has to be said there is no way I could have cut up that amount of timber and Hawthorne and kept two incinerators burning for most of the day without it. There was not a lot of smoke once I had the fires going as the wood that was previously cut had been allowed to dry out. 

With the rotting wood gradually disappearing I was able to start laying out the timbers in their approximate locations and moved the bread basket saw horses into the beds. It's very satisfying to see everything starting to come together and finally getting rid of the junk that has been used to hold down the weed membrane.

I managed just before leaving the plot to get some first early potatoes in to 5 Potato Pots and 1 Elho Potato Pot.

As can be seen in the photo the grass paths is quite high and has not been cut yet and now we are in March something really needed to be done so the trusty battery stimmer came out.

I first cleared the long grass from the main footpath to the edge of the plot, which this morning because of the heavy dew on it had made my trainers nice and wet and meant that I had no option but to put on my winter boots.

I strimmed the end of the plot and then the side of the plot. I have concrete kerb stones laying on the edge of the weed membrane. The kerb stones will eventually placed upright which will tidy up the plot and give me a solid edge to stim too, but there is no hurry to get them in quite yet

The biting and annoying insects started coming out as the sun was slowly disappearing behind the trees and it was time to leave before I got bitten to death and it got too dark. 


  1. Is that normal for you to work that many hours at the plot?

    1. Hi Sallysmom - Nope usually I work up to 1pm and then go home to do lunch for myself and my wife, as she can no longer do it for us due to her restricted mobility. Sometimes if my youngest is around which does not happen much these days she will cook Sunday Lunch, but I'm still back home by about 1:15pm