Monday 18 March 2019

Mushroom Trays

Mushroom Trays - Dimensions (mm) 400 x 300 x 110 are widely used in pack houses, and for transporting fresh produce to supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants and fast food outlets. These don't tend to get collected and recycled within the industry, they tend to get dumped in the rubbish and hopefully ultimately get recycled.

They are however a great resource for the allotment holder, who can line the bottom with cardboard egg trays from the local café to be used for chitin potatoes.

This year I didn't get the egg trays and I've used seed tray modules for my spuds but have lined the mushroom trays with bubble wrap to protect my spuds from low temperatures whilst in the unheated Norfolk SpaceSaver greenhouse that I've had since 2014.

The Norfolk Space Saver Greenhouse is great when you have restricted space in the garden, however early on in the season when growing space is a premium and you are getting lots of things started, you could really do with a little more space for trays.  

Perhaps of there was a way of getting another shelf in the sloping section at the top of the greenhouse as indicated in the photo above, you could fit another two trays in there?

Thus taking my soldering iron to a few mushroom trays to remove the base and the side panels to let in light to the tray on the bottom, I have a mushroom tray extension system that will give me additional storage space for two additional trays of chitin spuds.

I've picked up another tray from the local pizza shop and will be taking the soldering iron to make another extension to lift up the tray on the right. 

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