Thursday 8 February 2018

Heating Up The Candle Pots

I have to admit my good lady wife, suggested that I bring in the pots to warm them up in front of the radiator. Normally she is not as welcoming when my hobby starts invading the house 

The pot stands on 3 legs that I made by casting concrete in the bottom of pop bottles, I take the warm pot because its been up against the pipes to the radiator indoors, out to the space saver greenhouse where the candles have been placed with their wicks extended so that I just have to slide the door open at 10:00 (bedtime) light the candles, place the Terracotta pot on top and then close the door.

The only reason I'm warming the pots is so they don't have to warm up from being very cold so they heat up and start radiating a lot faster than they would if the pots had been left in the greenhouse all day to get cold.

The tea lights 2 or 3 are used depending on the forecast last 9.5 - 10 Hours the new batch I have just bought say 8 hours but that's still taking me around until 6 in the morning and normally by then ta this time of year the sun is coming around to warm up the greenhouse anyway.

The pot heat ups and radiates the heat into the greenhouse, As its a small Norfolk Space Saver, I have considered black pop bottles to absorb the heat during the day and to warm the air during the night as they loose the heat they have gained but I've not tried it yet.

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