Wednesday 21 February 2018

Walnut Trees Arrive

A very nice gardener called Gerry who I was conversing with on the Mind Your Peas and Cues Facebook forum on one of the treads about growing fruit and nuts, sent me half a dozen one year old Walnut tree saplings as a couple of other Site Reps near me also want to grow walnuts trees to harvest their nuts on their allotments.

In return I send Gerry some Catawissa Walking Onions and the postage for the trees

Gardeners generally are such nice people and willing to share. The Mind Your Peas and Cues Facebook group is relatively young and at the time of this posting has a membership of 1,287. It has to be said it's one of the friendliest and active gardening groups on Facebook so if you have not found it yet, search for it and become a member.

Thanks again Gerry as you can see their in flower buckets for the moment until I get the new plot sorted.

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