Sunday 18 February 2018

Plot 1A - New Bed Frames

An early start 8:30 which meant that I had cleared removed the plastic edging and installed the frame on Beds 5 - 7 before 10:30 and I managed to remove the plastic edging weed the bed and kill loads of slugs that were under the weed membrane on Bed 4 and lay the weed membrane on the paths between beds 4&5 and 5&6.

The Owl has made up to the top of the handrail post that was removed when the stair lift was installed, and I should be able to move it around so the birds don't get used to it being in one place.

I also managed to get the contents of the two incinerators burnt and have started stacking rotten timber up ready for the next burn up.

I need to attack and remove as much of the remaining hawthorn on Plot 1 and burn what I can before the bonfire ban starts in April

The Daleks that were on Bed 8 have been placed on plot 1 along with other items to be used to hold down the weed membrane against the wind.

If I can get another 4 and a half hour mornings in I should be able to get plot 1A completely ready for sowing.

View looking up the Allotment 

The beds do look much better framed with decking. At the moment I have only placed a slap at each end of the weed membrane on the paths between beds 4&5 and 5&6 on the left of the main central path there is already a paved path between the greenhouse and bed 6.

View Looking Down the Allotment from the top entrance point 

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