Saturday 24 February 2018

Thermometer with Hygrometer-Clock

I have purchased these historically for the greenhouse on Mill Green allotment and for the Space Saver greenhouse in the back garden.

I have one placed at the apex of the greenhouse with the outside sensor hung on the fence beside the greenhouse as a direct indoor out door comparison.

Then I have cable tied one at the top and second tray levels in the middle and taken the external sensor to the side walls internally so I can see the temperature variation within the greenhouse, as the sun travels across the front and the greenhouse goes back into shade. 

They also provide me with information about where the hot spots are and how the reflectors at the back of the greenhouse affect the temperature

Another six of these were purchased last January, two more for the Space Saver and three for the new greenhouse for Spencer Road Allotment and one for the grow station in the shed.

I wanted to buy more so that I could understand a little more about the temperature difference in different areas of the greenhouses throughout the day as the green house comes out of shade and into the sun and then returns into shade from around 8:30am  - 11am in the summer and then returns into sun around 3pm to sunset.

It does not appear that Lidl are selling these this year which is such a shame. I tried finding them elsewhere but no joy. so the nearest thing I can find that is powered by a conventional AA or AAA battery that is relatively small but only covers a single location was these. 

So that's 2.8 Degrees C difference between one side of the space saver and the other at the top shelf eaves level in the shade of the afternoon


Temperature survey range:0℃-50℃

Humidity survey range:10%-98%

Analyze degree:0.1℃,1%RH
Power supply: one AAA battery

The button usage
"F/C": press the "C/F" key, you can choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
"MAX/MIN": press "MAX/MIN" key once to display the maximum period of MAX- measuring indoor temperature 
and humidity; Then press the "MAX/MIN" key once again to display the minimum period of MAX- measuring
indoor temperature and humidity.
"RESET": press this key to clear away all your setting

Photo taken at 10:15 when the sun starts moving behind the tree and the Space Saver falls into shade until the afternoon when the sun comes from the left of the picture and once again provides light and heat. a 14,9 Degree difference between the left (shaded) and right (sunny) side of the Space Saver.

Figures for the Day 

Time     Left     Right    Difference
Night    -1.50    -1.40    -0.10 C  
Max     24.50   30.50     6.00 C
10:15   13.80   28.70   14.90 C Sun from the front
11:07   11.80   15.40     3.60 C
11:47   10.90   19.50     8.60 C
13:32   13.30   16.30     3.00 C
15:44   20.80   16.50     4.30 C Sun now from left side 
20:10     1.60     1.30     0.60 C
?           -0.10    -0.50    -0.40 C Lowest over night temperatures
07:22     0.00    -0.50    -0.50 C Following Morning.

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