Sunday 11 February 2018

Cleaning and Covering Up

This morning I managed 3 hours on the plot and covered up the area where the shed and green house will be going as nettles had started coming through, as Its still way to stodgy to dig. I attacked the Ivy that has overgrown adjacent to the existing shed and filled up both incinerators to the brim and hopefully they should be dry enough to burn next weekend. There is a huge sack of cuttings in the greenhouse that I'm hoping will dry out more during the week.

I managed to cut up a sack load of plastic pop bottles from the old pop bottle greenhouse, and will look to do the same once a fortnight until all the pop bottles frames have been taken apart and the plot cleared.

Last week the entrance was worse than this photo, it was turning into a bog, I emailed the contracts manager at Redrow and asked if he could get some sub base laid and rolled in and this week it looked like the picture below 

A much better surface to drive and walk on when opening and closing the gates, no longer getting caked in mud before and after the wellies go on. We just need to install some pipes for the drop bolts to go into when the gates are open and closed. Nothing that some blue water pipe and some instant concrete won't solve. 

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