Monday, 8 January 2018

View From the Greenhouse Door

Not a great deal of activity in the greenhouse in January as one might expect. I'm waiting on some potatoes to show up which will need chitting but in the mean time here is what the greenhouse looks like

Excuse the rubbish in the bottom of the Spacesaver Greenhouse and it needs sorting but until I have made room elsewhere that's where its going to stay. 

The SoilFixer SF60 Spring Onion experiment appears to be holding it's own, and if I can get to a point where I have the existing greenhouse cleared on plot 1A and get the new greenhouse erected on Plot 1- I will relocate the experiment to one of the allotment greenhouse, until the last frost and then then it can live outside

The second level is currently holding a tray of everlasting onions sent to me by a fellow member of the Grow Your Own Grapevine Forum, and this year they appear to be holding their own. Last year they died for some reason and didn't live up to their name. The other tray is Catawissa Walking Onions as are all the onions on the third level down from the top.

The pad on the stick on the bottom shelf right hand side is supposed to be for use in a car but it's useful in helping me remove moisture that builds up on the inside of the greenhouse and it's door as access is obviously difficult.

The tin foil panels help reflect the light and help reduce the amount of lean that young seedlings and plants have trying to get to the light.      

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