Thursday 25 January 2018

Purple Majesty Spuds Arrive !

Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty - Second Early 1kg Pack (12-15 Tubers) I've never grown these before but I'm being provided with some seed potatoes to trial by Marshalls, reading the info about them they are the first purple potato to go on sale commercially in Britain.

The web site says "They are potatoes of the richest purple – purple skin and purple flesh, jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants it makes a fantastic member of the superfood family along with blueberries, pomegranites and kale. With its genetic origins in the Andes, it’s been specially selected for the food market and has enjoyed great success. It’s an early maincrop variety suitable for salads, and of course as jackets which prove a real hit with children fascinated by its dark purple flesh."

Again the spuds arrived in a cardboard box with breathing holes and giant bubble bag packing in a good condition. 15 number spuds the three largest measuring 65, 70 & 75mm but when you still get 15 tubers and the web site says 1kg Pack (12-15 Tubers) I'm happy if a few are on the larger than hens egg size. I have never done it but one could cut the larger spuds in half.

My nieces children were amazed when I grew spuds that had purple skin on the outside, I can only imagine what they are going to be like when they see these are purple on the inside as well. 

Provided by Marshalls Link to Purple Majesty details on Marshalls web site

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