Sunday, 28 January 2018

Moving Home Part 1

This Sunday my eldest daughter came home and stayed with my wife, whilst my future son-in-law and I moved the bulk of the paving slab and other items that will be useful from my Spencer Road plot to Mill Green. I must admit some of the thicker 600x600mm slabs are a bugger to lift and I was really glad of Andy's help not only for the use of his van but his help and company during the day. 

We met over the allotment at 9am and worked until 4pm having a packed lunch on my brother-In-laws Keith & Pauline's plot so we didn't have to stop and pop home and could get on. Keith & Pauline looked after us well, making us a hot drink nearly every time we came back from Spencer Road with a load of slabs and kerb edgings to drop off.

I now have enough slabs to finish all the paths on Plot 1A and to get the bases down for the shed and the Greenhouse on Plot 1.

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