Thursday 18 January 2018

Allotment Drop Off & Pick Up Area

The weather has not really been very nice to us recently, rain, rain and more rain and then when there is a little sun I have things I have to do and can't get down to the allotment.

I did manage to cut the weed membrane for Plot 1 and it's been in the back of the car. I have another bucket of shredded paper and a couple of owls so they went down to the allotment this morning.

I managed to talk to the Redrow Contracts manager as progress has stalled on the works they are kindly doing for us, and the area by the main wooden gates has become a bog and really needs some weed membrane and type 1 or risings rolled into the ground. 

The area where the composting wc is going is only have completed and the mini digger has churned up the entrance. There is all of a days work to complete laying the hard standing and hopefully as I've given a couple of nudges before and after Christmas something will happen soon, as I'm getting it in the neck from other plot holder, who I don't think appreciate that this is a freemans project and being done when men and materials are available, but I do understand their frustration.

I managed to clear and bag us a number of plastic bottles from the pop bottle greenhouse that I have to a new plot holder that returned to me when he gave the plot up.

Hopefully I will be able to transport some daleks and materials over from Spencer Road to Mill Green on Saturday as I have roped in my future son-in-law to give me a hand. Lets just hope that the weather holds.


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