Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Composting WC Arrives

Redrow the contractor who is still working on our pick up and drop off area for us today erected a composting Plastic Toilet which they have so kindly purchased and provided for us.  

This was something that Mick who brings the physically and mentally handicapped guys and girls down to their allotment plot had said he really needed.

They used to be based just behind the allotment and if anyone needed the facilitates, one of the caring team could take that person back to do their business and then walk them back to the plot to continue gardening.

Since their move they have found it increasing difficult as they come in a mini bus and cars, so that if an individual is caught short they can be taken back to the day care centre. 

This model has a Urine Diversion System which separates urine and faeces, eliminating odours and composting to create fertilizer. Made from WPC, its easier to clean and resistant to extreme temperatures.

The solar power and lighting and internal fittings still need to be installed, but Mick will be very happy when he sees it and it's fully commissioned.  

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