Saturday, 20 January 2018

Fed Up!

I had arranged for my future son-in-law to help me move a load of stuff from Spencer Road to Mill Green Allotment, but it's not going to happen when everything is wet and its raining !


I needed to do something gardening related, so I baked off a sack of coffee grounds I picked up from a supermarket cafĂ© last night. I had arranged to pick up another sack tonight and when I went to collect noticed that a Costa Coffee had opened on the way back to the car park, and they were in the process of closing and putting all the furniture back in the shop. 

Now it would be rude not to ask them if I could save them the bother of land filling a huge sack of coffee wouldn't it ! I now have 15 litres of coffee grounds in buckets with lids sitting in the kitchen drying out over night, the smell is wonderful, and no the lids have not been put on yet.


  1. I feel your frustration, snowing here so another weekend wasted. Spring cannot come quick enough!

    1. I know it will and then it will be a mad rush. I just love the look on that babies face, it really sums up how I felt this morning.