Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BT Smart Hub Wireless Cable & Fibre Router

It has to be said, that with each version of the BT hub the coverage appears to shrink and this hub the Smart Hub 6 will not sync with my HP Printer using the WPS Wi Fi Setup, I had to do it manually and once set up it still would not function beyond a couple of prints before it drops the connection. Four bars out of 5 and it's sitting next to the printer on the same shelf!  

In the end I've gone back to a USB cable. BT Support takes forever and over the weekend after waiting getting spoken to then passed on and on the phone waiting for over an hour they finally transferred me to someone with a brain, and not with just a script of questions and answers to follow who assisted me in solving one of my problems resulting from the hub upgrade. What's more she was based in the UK and the quality of the line was good and I could understand what she was saying.

Survey Question

Q: BT - Would you recommend us to a friend

A: Me -  NO but regrettably most of the other providers out there are equally inept ! 

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