Monday, 22 August 2016

Seed and Plant Spacing Rule

Someone on the grapevine posed a link to Sjef Garen Tips and the guy has lots of interesting builds and suggestions for making things easier, I've only just started working my way back down his tips but I found one from 2014 that I have worked on today which is about sowing small seeds individually with fixed distance

In his blog he posts a link to commercially available rule that's a metre long and cost £18.95 and no doubt some postage and packing, but suggests making your own so I did.

The small holes at each end are for the galvanised wire tent pegs, the larger holes are at 50mm centres, the bottom one is the cap off plastic rectangular electrical conduit and the top one is 700mm between the first and last planting hole so I can do half a 1.2m bed at a time, and is an offcut from an old plastic curtain rail.

Both strips of plastic were living in the shed as they could be useful one day and now they are.

I can see these being very useful next year, for beetroots, peas etc. and perhaps If I find another bit of plastic conduit or old curtain rail knocking around I may make one with holes at 25mm centres.

This now has me thinking, perhaps I could also make a couple of square foot gardening templates up.

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