Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Loss & Gain

There comes a time when your children decide to make their own way in the world and leave the nest. Devastating for a Mother that feels like a large lump has been torn from her heart and as much as I would like to be seen as macho, I have to admit it I don't like sharing responsibility for the protection of my firstborn with another man and hate the empty bedroom we now have until my younger upgrades to the larger room.

We have had the, "You make sure you look after her and never hurt her or I will hunt you down like a dog and brake your knee caps" discussion, in jest but with the underlying serious message and marking of cards which was done to my satisfaction.

So the last two days have been assisting them with removals of all the stuff they have accumulated and been storing at home and in his mothers garage. I recall that when I finally got married and moved out my own father had the onset of Parkingsons and was not physically able to help as much as he would have liked, but he was there with advice and moral support with the rebuilding works and decoration that were required.

Wanting to help as much as I can but not get in the way to much I volunteered to deal with the garden which had pretty much turned to meadow, in addition to large furniture humping. As a result Monday was strimming the long grass and Tuesday was mowing and sucking up the cut strimmed grass and I ended up with around 15 sacks of grass which filled the car and was taken to plot 23B and filled nearly three Daleks. Good thing I had lots of shredded paper and woodchips/ sawdust and manure to add as browns.

So trying to look for any kind of positive, I do have another source of grass for my Daleks, and its a good excuse to visit and keep an eye on her on a regular basis not that I will need one.


  1. Awww Cadders! I do feel for you. We're finding it hard that Small Child is 13 and turning into a grown-up. Well done on all the sorting and clearing, am sure it was much appreciated.

    1. It was and now I will be harvesting and making small red cross parcels she has already had Runner Beans, Potatoes and Cucumbers, and that's in the first week. Tis good that I now have two plots me thinks