Thursday, 4 August 2016

End of Season Gardening Sales

A swift visit to Wilko as there is talk about end of season reductions on the GYO Grapevine. very disappointing most of the sale stuff has gone and is being replaced with other goods and the only thing worth having was 10 Half Size Propagator tops at 10p each!

Happily the £1 shop had a good stock of Coir in so I bought 10 bricks, that means I'm all stocked up on coir and ready for next season. a few packs of 100 green cable ties, as you can never have too many and four packs of 10 galvanised tent pegs, as some on the allotment have really seen better days. Galvanised tool hooks, for when I can actually get back into my shed on Spencer Road, so it was not a wasted journey.

I was then asked to pick up a birthday present for my nieces little one so popped into ASDA and picked up two Seed and Feed tins reduced to £2 each, they will do for storage in the shed and for keeping the mice at bay and making bedding out of my plastic bin bags etc.

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