Tuesday 14 February 2023

Real Progress on the base to the Potting Shed

Some real progress was made today on the allotment, as I had some help. We achieved the burning of most of the Hawthorne, Re allocating paving slabs from some of the minor paths for under the potting shed, and finally clearing and laying woodchip to bed the paving slabs on.

Depending on the size I needed 30 number 400x400mm slabs or 20 number 450 x 450mm. The cost to buy new worked out at £126 or £129 depending on which side, Andy (son-in-law) suggested harvesting of 450 x450mm slabs of the same thickness so between us ( He did most of the grunt work bless him)

We found and lifted 20 that were on the main path or secondary paths and stacked them beside the potting shed area. The voids were ten infilled with woodchips again. The only paving slabs I have bought were those that went under the original shed on plot 1A in 2012 and at the time they were under £2 each unlike todays prices. All the other slabs on my allotment apart from the 600x600mm on the main Plot 1A path that came from my home when I had the drive done have come from Freecycle.

Stack of 450 x 450mm paving slabs against the wall ready for laying on the next visit when I will take a long spirit level with me.

Path re aligned and the potting shed area finally cleared, and the weed membrane covered with woodchips. The apple and Hawthorne tree stumps need to be removed but that's another job for another day.

I will have that ivy off the wall at some stage and will neaten up the edge of the Hawthorne. I have some 300x300mm paving slabs that I intend to lay next to the slabs to the square foot garden bed so I have a wide main access for the whole of the length of the allotment.

Primary and Secondary Paths on plot 1A where the slabs were robbed from and replaced with woodchip.

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