Tuesday 7 February 2023

Afternoon On The Plot


More clearance of the Hawthorne bushes took place today and a tug and two large bags of cuttings were made and placed in the shed to keep them dry so I can burn them over the weekend. 

Timber roof joist from the demolished building that were lost in one of the two over grown empty plots have been uncovered, a number of plot holders have taken the boards to use for path edging and raised beds already. 

The few stacked on top of my raised beds will be turned into additional raised planters to finish off the beds to the border of plot 1.  

Jane the Allotment officer came to see how well John and Wally had done at clearing the two plots of trees and removal of all the metal that they then let a scrap metal man in to collect. 

Jane is still awaiting conformation that I will be allowed to have the potting shed on the plots in addition to the two sheds I already have as the sheds are half the area that one is allowed on a single plot. I'm hoping the council will obey their own rules and allow as I'm clearly going to be growing in it. 

I started to dig in the green manure that had been chopped and dropped but didn't quite make it to completing the task today. This will be continued on a future visit, as I broke the handle to my fork and will need to get a replacement. 

John and I managed to extract some scaffold tubes from the two plots that are being cleared, two will be going into my 4th Raspberry bed and the other shorter ones will be going in the raised beds to the front of the plot for guide strings to be added for yellow raspberries that will be planted in them.

The two long scaffold tubes need cutting back to 2.4 m and then driven into the end of the 4th bed as I have in the other 3 beds.  

I will finally have a use for my Ryobi angle grinder and steel cutting disks.

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