Wednesday 22 February 2023

Celebrating 120 Years of Unwins

Unwins was founded in 1903, when the first seed of William Unwin’s immediately popular sweet pea ‘Gladys Unwin’ was sold. This year, as one of the best loved names in UK gardening, Unwins celebrates its 120th year as a seed house.

To celebrate and mark the 120th year, Unwins have launched their very own educational and inspirational website. Growing from seed is an economical way of producing your own beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables, so with more and more people looking to save money where they can, it was the perfect time to invest in

With articles covering a range of topics, quizzes to help find the perfect seed variety and seasonal recommendations, will provide a valuable resource for consumers starting out on their growing journey, as well as experienced growers that may be looking for new and exciting varieties.

(1) One of the best loved names in UK gardening, Unwins celebrates its 120th year as a seed house in 2023.

(2) Unwins was founded in 1903, when the first seed of William Unwin's immediately popular sweet pea 'Gladys Unwin' was sold.

(3) Unwins founder, William Unwin, was an important breeder of sweet peas in his day; working with his son Charles, the pair introduced more than 250 named selections.

(4) Frank Unwin, another of William's sons, who helped run Unwins during the first half of the 20th century, is closely associated with the development of gladioli breeding, especially smaller flowered kinds which became popular in many gardens.

(5) During the Second World War, Unwins helped to drive the 'Dig for Victory' campaign by concentrating more on vegetable seed than flower seed, key in keeping the nation supplied with home-grown food.

(6) Charles Unwin was a key player in setting up Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry, which helps identify the best plants for gardeners.

(7) Sweet peas are still very much in the blood at Unwins: the company still runs extensive annual sweet pea trials to find the best selections for gardeners.

(8) Through the global pandemic, Unwins helped support customers who turned to gardening, supplying seeds of crops suitable for indoor growing and satisfying the growing demand for wildflower seed.

(9) The core values that have long made Unwins a trusted and loved brand remain today - great, exciting new varieties perfect for today's gardeners, and the best quality seed.

(10) In his first year, William Unwin made just £25 from his seeds; today Unwins has grown to be one of the UK's leading and most trusted suppliers of seed to gardeners with a multi-million pound turnover.

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