Monday 11 July 2022

Potting up time for the Micro Toms

Potting up time for the Micro Toms that have been waiting way too long and are in flower already using the Equigrow Organic Green Peat Free Compost that looks so rich and dark, and that I have had really good results with this year.

They are now in the Norfolk Space Saver Greenhouse which has a debris netting screen to the front to protect the seedlings from sun scorch.

All of the Micro Toms that survived the heat in the Space Saver greenhouse.

Lots of flowers already and they have had a drink of Tomorite as well.

Micro Toms added to the front top shelves of the Norfolk Space Saver Greenhouse. Netting screen lifted for access. Looking at the 3 remote sensors it's 39, and 41 - 43 degrees in there at the moment with the shading in place.

Joe Mills - Grow With Me 2022 Aztec tomatoes on the top shelf with cucumbers and courgettes in front.

Swede and Turnips germinating well, just need the temperatures to drop a bit before they go into the next onion bed that's cleared.

Micro Tom's in the Norfolk Space Saver Greenhouse

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