Thursday 21 July 2022

A couple of hours on the allotment this afternoon watering and getting a bed of 10 Cauliflower Depurple from Suttons that the heatwave has knocked back a bit into the ground. Clearing weeds from a bed and getting it ready for sweetcorn to go in on a future visit. Watered the Beetroot bed that is now showing seedlings. Cobs forming on half of the sweetcorn that are not really tall enough yet but the red grapevine is growing well and establishing itself.

Bed before clearing, if I had known we were going to have 40C days I would not have bothered warming the ground up!

Bed after weeding and removing the solar tents ready for a late sowing of sweetcorn next visit.

Grapevine doing well

The best 10 of the 12 Cauliflower Depurple from Suttons are in the ground now it's sink or swim time for them

Half of the sweetcorn have already developed tassels and corns and they aren't really tall enough yet. bad year for sweetcorn from the looks of things.

I did manage to get connected to both taps for plot 1 and Plot 1A so although a short visit with the sprinkler at full capacity and moving it around I managed to water most of the plot. 

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