Tuesday 12 July 2022

Join the Army

I took the new Dalek (second in from the left) to the allotment and introduced him to the others in my Dalek Allotment Army. He is a little greener that the others a bit like his chum behind him who is also a new recruit.

The Active Dalek (second in from the right) took the tug of grass my sister dropped off to me yesterday and a Bucket with lids worth of spent compost which was watered in layers and then topped off with a layer of comfrey.

I watered the potatoes and the beetroot and Square Foot Gardening Bed. Harvested some Raspberries, first early potatoes and a cucumber, bagged up some dried onions and came home before lunch.

One squared flower buckets worth of Sharps Express first early spuds

Raspberries, spuds and my first cucumber from the plants John gave me.

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