Friday, 15 July 2022

OK I'm just a weak seedaholic...

I had to have my diabetic eye screening today at the health centre at the back of the high street and parked in the car park opposite. If I'm paying £2 for between 30 minutes and 2 hours then I'm definitely going to walk to Wilko as they have just started their 50% on seeds.

Warning not all the seeds on the Sutton display board were 50% off as the lady filling the gardening area said they keep sending her more and more seeds and they are not all 50% yet!

She checked all the ones I had selected and only a couple were not 50% yet so they went back on the peg board. Timing on the wilco seed sale is everything they will go down to 30p for Johnsons and 10p for Wilko but the range of what's available will not be as extensive by then 

I resisted as much as possible but you can never have too many of some seeds. Some bugger took the splitter on the tap and di[p tank I use so I picked a couple up to replace the stolen one., and a spare. I will be using Furnox LS-X Leak sealer to make it difficult to take off and seal the joint this time

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