Sunday 12 December 2021

Leaf Bins and Carrot Barrel

Good visit to the allotment this morning after a couple of weeks away due to weather and family birthdays. Weather mild and the sun came out for a little bit.

The leaf bin was looking a little low and as I was waiting for one of the new plot holders to turn up and collect her key, and Andy had not turned up, so I decided to start collecting the leaves in the car park, four barrow loads later Andy turned up with his van and four barrel loads of leaves for me!

We compacted the leaf bin and filled it back up again, and filled the bread basket leaf bin well above the top level.

Take & Add Photo next visit

Andy and I emptied one of the leaf bins up against the wall which had beautiful leaf mould in it and filled it up again.

Take & Add Photo next visit

Area behind Rhubarb bed 1 cleared covered with cardboard and weed membrane which was cut with the Ryobi Soldering iron 
then four barrow loads of wood chips were obtained from the car park heap, leveled and compacted in the area.

The Ryobi Soldering iron is a great little tool, it heats up so quickly and cut / welds the weed membrane so that it does not fray. I also used the soldering iron to melt drainage holes around the bottom of the cut down water butt. 

Cut down Water Butt/Barrel for growing Buggs Bunny carrots in 2022 located behind Rhubarb Bed 1

Sand from the soft bricks placed in cut down water butt. I have a couple more buckets of sand to go into the butt on another visit.

Darker green Dalek placed over the Carrot growing, sand filled water butt to keep out the rain and the foxes etc.

So Bed 3 is now clear of the soft bricks and the flower buckets of sand and the Carrot Growing sand butt is on it's way to being ready for next year. 
Andy was good company as always and quite frankly got on with stuff whilst I spend a little time with the two new plot holders, and the family and partner who popped down to see the plot about half an hour before we were going home for lunch at 12:45. Todays plot time went way too fast, but because of the dark mornings I'm not getting down the the allootment quite as early as I was in the summer.

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