Wednesday 29 December 2021

In My Seed Box For 2022 - Turnip


Turnip is something that I didn't eat as a kid and have not really tasted as an adult ! but I do now know it is related to a swede 

But now as I am taking on more of the cooking duties and the fact that I have a packet "Purple Top Milan"  seeds that came with the Grow Your Own magazine, I feel that space needs to be found to grow this vegetable in 2022 and that I should learn how to cook it !

Review Of Seed Stocks in Packets

Purple Top Milan - 1750 Seeds - Magazine Free - Mr Fothergill's - Sow By 2021
Snowball             -      50 Seeds - Some multipack in the past - Sow by Christ knows!      

Purple Top Milan Sow Mar - Jul   Harvest  Jun - Oct
Snowball              Sow Mar - Jun Harvest  May - Oct

Purple Top Milan

Quick to mature and good for early sowings. The white, flat roots with purple tops have an excellent flavour.

Outdoors, sow thinly, March-July, where they are to crop, 1.5cm (½") deep, directly into finely-prepared, fertile soil, which has already been watered. Allow 30cm (1') between rows. Seedlings usually appear in 14-21 days. Thin out to 10cm (4”) apart. Water well until plants are established. Regular sowings, made every two to three weeks, will ensure a continuous supply. Harvest: June-October.


A first-class white, globe turnip. Turnip Snowball is early, juicy and sweet flavoured, will yield a good supply from early summer to early winter, and the tops make most nutritious and tasty 'greens'.

Turnips grow best on rich well manured soil but will grow on ordinary fertile soil to which has been added plenty of well rotted compost. Sow seeds in succession from spring to mid summer, 1cm (0.5in) deep in drills 30cm (12in) apart. Thin out the seedlings to 10-15cm(4-6in) apart

Turnips Generally

Turnips should be grown quickly and kept well watered. Harvest them before they get too large for the best flavour. For greens follow above instructions but don't thin out. The season can be extended by sowing under cloches in early spring and again in late summer.

Turnips and other cruciferous vegetables that are high in fiber help make people feel fuller for longer, and they are low in calories. Eating high fiber meals also helps keep blood sugar levels stable. The fiber content in turnips may also prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract.

How Do You Cut and Cook Turnips 

Just scrub them under cold water, cut into chunks, toss with a little olive oil, season and roast at 450 F until tender and slightly browned. Turnips can also be mashed like potatoes, sliced to add to a salad, or diced for adding to stews or soups.

Use turnips any way you would use a potato, and then some. Try them baked or boiled in stews, soups and stir-fries, or lightly steamed with some butter, salt or lemon juice for flavor. homemade coleslaw. Julienne Them.

Couch Grass Control 

If wish to clear Couch Grass from your plot completely, plant the troubled area with turnip seed. The two will not mix and the couch will wither back and die. Even if you have cleared the grass it may come back if you have not removed every single root. So to keep it at bay give this a try.

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