Sunday 2 May 2021

All Potatoes Finally In

Early morning visit to the allotment, sorted out the black tubing from Freecycle that was actually three coils of tube all wound up together. They are now cable tied, tidy and in the storage area behind the shed.

A quick peek at the white onions to see how they are doing followed by ...

A quick peek at the red onions, which are looking ok and the compost is not too dry. If no significant rain this week I will water Watered the Raspberries and the spuds in the ground.

Mixing Coir and my own compost

Planted 4 x Sarpo Kilfi spuds per large bucket and three of the excess Premier First Early spuds in the Marshalls Potato Pots

Green manure bed cut back on the left and potatoes in Buckets covered with rubber garden mats to keep the foxes out of them on the right. Three feeder hoses watering the Raspberry beds which were weeded this morning. Two new canes coming up from the roots, but three canes still looking like dead twigs at the moment.

Broke up half of the green manure bed before watering and covering with weed membrane to withhold light to encourage the worms and critters to take the manure down into the soil. It will be interesting to see if there is much difference between the two ends of the bed.
Then before I know it the alarm on my phone was warning me half an hour to round up all the tools and finish what I was doing before making my way home for lunch. I sorted out some more Coir blocks to bring home to hydrate and reload the Coir bucket.

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