Monday 14 December 2020

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men

Just when you believe that you just may be able to squeeze some productive time down the allotment the external Christmas tree that I have managed to fix each year and keep going looks as if it has finally died and now it looks as if the morning which is supposed to be dry today will spent getting in the loft and recovering the inflatable snowman to replace the tree on the step. 

The Christmas tree that the wife wanted to buy this year when we tried the old tree and before I managed to fix it again is now sold out, and for some reason that my fault! 

During the night the rain came down so hard that it woke me up and on looking outside the road was like a river so the allotment is going to be saturated, well that's what I'm telling myself anyway. 

Yesterday, Tuesday was forecast as sun and showers, now it's supposed to be dry all day! So if the weather does not change again I may try to get out and down the allotment on Tuesday if the planets align, and the universe does not put a spanner in the works.

I now recall why I stopped trying to plan my workload around sunny days and when I might be able to get to the plot for a few hours, it's a bit exhausting and disappointing.


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