Tuesday 29 December 2020

Marshalls Little Book Of Seeds 2021

Is not so little it Measures 170mm wide 248mm deep and 9mm or 198 Pages thick. So far this is my favourite seed brochure that I have looked at in the last three months!

On the back of the front cover we are informed that Marshalls Garden have been passionate about seeds for over 70 years and for the first time ever they have brought together their range of fruit, vegetables , flowers and houseplant seeds together in one place to make it easy for the customers to browse and plan for the year ahead

The layout of this brochure or catalogue has been well thought out and is a total redesign on the previous catalogues and personally I hope that Marshalls will maintain this format following their rebranding in 2020.  I can’t wait to see how they have improved the information on the seed packets for 2021 as they were already one of the most informative packs.

The catalogue includes helpful sowing and growing tips for individual varieties, and kicks off on page 6 through to 9 with photos of the 55 New vegetables seeds added to the Marshalls range. Each photo has the page number within the brochure where more information can be found.  

This on its own will save me hours, as I will not have to add post-it tags to the brochure on every page that has a New Variety. I can quickly determine which ones I want to look at in closer detail, perhaps visit the web page for the variety and order to add to my seed box collection for 2021.


Now research says that men don’t like using index pages and systems when looking for information, however women are more likely to use the index. Perhaps because of my choice of profession or could be I'm in touch with my feminine side, but I love and index and the one provided between pages 192 and 197 is split between Vegetable Seed A-Z Index and Flower Seed A-Z Index, giving the Variety Name, if NEW, Order Code Quantity of Seeds, Price and Page Number for more information. 

Page 198 is a Notes page for your growing notes or memory joggers.

Of the 55 New Vegetable seeds there are 12 New Tomatoes that have been added to the range for 2021 and all can be seen on page 9. The tomato section of the catalogue can be found from page 86 to 92, the first two pages covers everything a new gardener/grower or allotment holder needs to know about Tomatoes i.e. Where to Grow, How To Grow, When to Plant, Choosing Your Tomato, Types of Tomato, difference between Cordon & Bush, Pests & Diseases, How to Care, Training Your Plants, When to Harvest.

The informative guidance is supplied at the introduction to each variety of vegetable and then there are Top Tips scattered throughout the Little book of Seeds which actually makes it a great little reference document. 

Within the envelope when when your Little Book of Seeds arrives are a January Offers flyer and an order form with the delivery window and charges and Terms and Conditions plus a really handy laminated card with six push out book marks to mark the pages of your
favourite varieties.


to order you copy of the Marshalls Little Book of Seeds.


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