Sunday 13 December 2020

Weather Watching

Looking at the rain and wishing it was dry and I was working on my allotment..... Seeds all catalogued, I guess I can look at my planting schedule and tweak it some more, or perhaps my layout plan and see if I can do any tweaks there.

I know lets see when it's going to be dry and I may be able to squeeze in a plot visit

Looks like the office work I have to do will be done Monday afternoon, and the morning could be given to the Allotment finishing off the raspberry bed and perhaps installing the kerb stones along the bottom of the plot and up the path between plot 1 & 2 and digging and clearing the weeds under the last Dalek and bedding it in place.

And then there is Thursday so if the next lot of Raspberries arrive then they can go in then, but I did notice that a newsletter was promoting the collection with a dispatch date of March so will I have to wait until then to get my Polka raspberries?

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