Wednesday 9 December 2020

D.T.Brown has Great Customer Service


           Thank You!

Now if you have been following the blog you would have seen that I had ordered the D.T.Brown - Long Cropping Raspberry Collection that consists of  6 canes each of the following three varieties:

Malling Juno (early) - Tasting the first raspberries of the season is always a treat and Malling Juno is one of the best on the market. The medium to large berries have a firm texture and a deliciously sweet flavour - just perfect for eating fresh. The spine-free canes are leafy, easy to handle and prune and, the fruits are well presented, so picking is easy too! Cropping from early to late June (even earlier if grown under cover), plants are known to have excellent disease resistance as well. Bred by East Malling Research.

Tulameen Pearl (mid) - Tulameen Pearl is far superior to the popular Tulameen which D.T Brown have sold in the past. They think this vigorous new strain is a real find and you are sure to agree it’s a winner. It has a high yield with berries which are larger and brighter and the fruit is firmer so keeps better once picked, though we doubt these fruits will last long in any household with a taste like this! 

Polka (late) - A multi-award winner at the National Fruit Show, Polka has exceptional fruit quality and the large, medium red berries are full of fragrant zesty flavour. Bred in Poland with Autumn Bliss as one of its parents, the virtually spine-free raspberry canes will yield double the crop of Autumn Bliss and Polka crops up to 2 weeks earlier, from late July to October. Polka even grows well on less desirable soils. 

They arrived and the beds were not ready and I have been working my little socks off digging and weeding and getting the infrastructure in for my fruit area. Finally this last weekend I got the last bed in and found that the late raspberries sent were Autumn Treasure and not Polka

On Monday morning I checked the D.T.Browns web site and sure enough a lot of Raspberry varieties had sold out but the Polka was still in stock, so I telephoned to enquire why I had been sent a substitute. It appears it was a picking and packing error and they are going to send me 6 Polka canes. 

I wish I had asked the ladies name that I spoke too as she was kind and helpful and just dealt with the matter with an apology and an immediate fix.  I came off the phone feeling happy that the matter was resolved so effortlessly, and she was so pleasant and nice to talk too. 

Everyone complains about a company when things go wrong or the service is bad, but very few give praise when things go well or you get real customer service. To the lady who spoke to me on the phone, thank you for your great customer service you made my day.

This does mean that I will now have to get the forth fruit bed dug, weeded and framed for the Polka canes when they arrive. You can never have too many raspberries and perhaps I will not begrudge the squirrel or birds a few, as long as it is a "few" next year.  

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