Wednesday 22 July 2020

Re-Purpose Rubbish

Wife says to me "Why haven't you put the polystyrene from the new furniture in the rubbish?"
"I have a use for it on the allotment in my new greenhouse!", said I
"I should have known It had to be something to do with that Bloody Allotment" she replied
And so I bought a pack of No 2 Black Hydroponic / Aeroponic Mesh Pots and now I have cut the polystyrene to fit and the holes for the Mesh Pots and I know how many I'm ultimately going to need I have bought some more and they are on their way.
I see some late Winter Lettice in the new greenhouse being a possibility this year.

Anyone else having a bash at this?

Also on its way to make the magic happen ......

Solar Powered Oxygenator Water Oxygen Pump Air Pump Aerator Pond Fish Tank UK 


Item type: Oxygen Pump

Usage: 1. Long press the power switch (press for 3 seconds) blue light, which began to play oxygen, this time for the long-term oxygen mode, 2. Press the power switch (press 1 times) Oxygen mode is switched to intermittent Mode, (stop for 2 seconds, oxygen cycle mode for 8 seconds), 3. charge

Battery: 3.7V/3600 mA

Oxygenation mode: long-term oxygenation, intermittent oxygenation

Product size: 100*80*38mm

Charging input: DC 5V / 1A

Weight: 560 grams

Battery capacity: 3.7V/3600mA/h

Gas volume: 2L/min

Specifications: sky blue

Pressure: 0.15mpa

Working hours: full of 24H or more

Package includes:

1 * Oxygen Pump

1 * Solar Panel

1 * Check valve

1 * Air Stone

1 * Charging Cable

1 * Screws

4 * Footpad

1 * Hanging buckle

As the pump comes with a globe air stone I have also purchased a 400mm or 16 inch long air stone to better oxygenate the large gravel tray 

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