Friday 24 July 2020

Mini Kratky Method Hydroponic System II

I was busy tonight.  I now have 5 units which have cost me a little time and the cost of the 20 Net cups which was £6.72 including the Free Delivery from eBay. See previous post on how these are made. 

I'm going to experiment a bit and I'm going to start with Radish, on the basis that if its good enough for NASA it's good enough for me.  I have some Nutrigrow Plant Feed from Greenhouse Sensations that I got with the Quadgrow and some envii SeaFeed Xtra already but there are other products and mixes that you can buy and make up to feed your plants and I will try them as well as see what gives the best results. 

I'm also going to steep (drain water through the compost and collect the other side so it takes the nutrients with it) some compost bought and my own to see how that goes. I was tempted to try comfrey but I'm aware that there is research that suggests that it can be carcinogenic (having the potential to cause cancer) and thought it's not perhaps such a good idea to feed it directly hydroponically to vegetables.

If there are any Hydroponic companies/ suppliers out there that want to send me your wonder feed to trial please feel free the more varieties of feed I can get my hands on the better. 

For more information on Hydroponics check out Wikipedia Hydroponics it covers all the buzz words and is a great source of information.  

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