Friday 3 July 2020

Cordless Lawn Mowers - Buyers Guild Part 1

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Battery or Cordless Lawnmowers
With everything you purchase in life, it’s the Features & Benefit against the Cost that give you the final Incentive Merit that ultimately makes you decide either to purchase or to walk away from a certain product.
Below I have listed just some of the common Advantages & Disadvantages of a battery or Cordless lawn mowers that you should be aware off.
Low sound level: rechargeable lawnmowers run on battery power, which is frictionless and produces minimal noise, Thus no need for ear defenders.
Less Vibration: significantly less vibration than petrol driven mowers  
Environment-friendly: The power system of cordless mowers is entirely electric, so they don’t emit dangerous exhaust.
Low maintenance: Because you don’t have a spark plug to replace, or carburettor to unblock or adjust or fuel lines that perish like petrol driven mowers.
Cost-effective: In the long run, cordless mower saves a lot of money that you could have invested in fuel and replacements parts.
No additional trips to pick up petrol or the need to store petrol in your house.
Easy to start: A cordless mower does not have a pull start like petrol mowers. There is a required knack required to start most petrol mowers. Almost all the battery-operated mowers come with a power button to start and shut down the machine.
Safety:  No power cable means that you don’t have to worry about accidently mowing over the cable and possibly electrocuting yourself to death.
Handling: Cordless lawn mowers are lightweight because they don’t have massive engines like petrol or corded mowers.
Storage: Cordless mowers often have a smaller footprint than corded and petrol mowers.

Limited runtime: Cordless mowers are not suitable for more significant areas because of their restricted battery backup. If you need virtually unlimited runtime, then you have to need a purchase a spare battery.
Lack of power: A cordless mower is comparatively less powerful than a petrol mower.
Interrupted workflow: Once the battery is exhausted, the mower will stop. It will lead to downtime, and you have to wait until the batteries are recharged, unless you have additional batteries. With corded or petrol powered mowers, this is not the case because they don’t rely on temporary power.
It’s the reason why cordless mowers have historically only been normally suitable for small or medium-sized gardens. There is a solution to this at a cost.
Requires authorized service centres: You can maintain or service a petrol driven mower at your house. But, to fix an internal problem with a cordless mower, you have to visit its service centre, or you will need a certified technician.
Not suitable for very rough mowing conditions: Cordless lawn mowers will work best over even grounds. Once it comes to mow uneven terrains, gad propelled versions can overshadow both corded and cordless versions of lawnmowers.

  1. Cutting Width and Height
  2. Choosing the Right Battery
  3. Lawn Size and Condition
  4. Weight
  5. Self-Propelled Features
  6. Cutting Width
  7. Storage Space
  8. Charging System
  9. Cutting Management
10. Ergonomics & Ease of Use
11. Additional Features
12. Customer Support and warranty

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