Saturday, 4 July 2020

Planting Squash Visit

My second visit since before Lockdown and the bindweed has taken over the bottom end of plot 1. My youngest Daughter Kelly is at home until 10:30 which means I have about two hours to try and get in the Mash Potato Squash, the Baked Potato Squash and if possible the Butternut Squash and trim the paths along the kerb edgings. . 

As always the Council did not trim the grass up to the kerb stones that I have laid along the bottom of plot 1 but have not yet stood up.  The trimmers battery didn't last long enough to expose the kerb stones on both sides. A section in the middle of the bottom boundary remains long. 

Some weed removal around the paths and clearance of one of the two new beds. I planted four Mashed Potato Squash in one Bed and four Baked Potato Squash in the other. The squash nearest the shed and in the bottom of the picture above were sprayed with an environmentally friendly product that makes the vegetables un appetising to slugs and snails.

The two plants at the top of the beds were not treated and that will be the test to see if the product actually works.    

I ran out of time so the Waltham Butternut Squash and a couple of spare Mashed Potato Squash were watered and left at the end of one bed hopefully to be planted out tomorrow if I can arrange cover with Kelly again, and get down for a few hours Sunday morning.    

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