Sunday 1 December 2019

Tidying & Covering for Winter

I again had help this morning for a couple of hours from Emma. It's nice to have her working beside me and to have her company, and we work well as a team. We managed to dig up the last of the potatoes in bed 3, weed the couch grass and bind weed & cover and put a few additional beds 1 & 9 to sleep for Winter. 

Bed one is covered with its Winter Blanket, I'm short on soft bricks at the moment as all the milk bottles are degrading at the same time and the sand needs drying and new bottles filled with sand. A job for when the old greenhouse has been cleared and the new greenhouse has it's timber base and is finally clad. 

Beds 3 cleared of potatoes and bed 9 and weeded and both covered with their winter Blankets and blue water pipe used to hold the weed membrane down on the bed   

Old / New potatoes harvested and empty buckets of compost and coir added to the narrow bed nearest the main path. The buckets have been stacked against the wall and the area behind the bed is clear for pulling back the weed membrane and digging 

Raised bed nearly filled with compost and Coir 

Panorama Down the Plot 

Panorama Up the plot from the side path.

Two sacks of leafs from home added to the leaf bin and the levels had reduced. Bed 3 to be cleared of the netting and hoops and the cabbages to be added to the daleks at a future visit .
All in all an very productive day, and again come home with more potatoes, there are only a couple of more buckets to be emptied and they will have been cleared. 

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