Wednesday 25 December 2019

In My Seed Box For 2020 - Broccoli

Broccoli belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family, which includes kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, collard greens, rutabaga, and turnips. ... If you are trying to eat healthier, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli should be at the very top of your grocery ...

That being said I've had a somewhat chequered history growing Broccoli as it you take your eye off it for a moment and it's a dry warm summer it bolts. For that reason and the lack of space I have favoured other vegetables over the last few years so what I have in my Seed Box is little and old 

Zippy Bags (Opened Packs)

Autumn Calabrese - Unwins - Best before 2015 in a Zippy bag 
Stromboli F1 - Suttons - Best before 06/2016 in an unopened packet 

Unopened Packs 

Autumn Calabrese - Thompson & Morgan - Seeds 100 - Sow By 2021 off Grow Your Own Magazine 

So for this year as I may have additional space depending how fast I can get the new half plot ready.  I will see what germination rate I get from the two packs dates 2015 & 2016 first and if not good will use the Thompson & Morgan pack with a sow by of 2021 I have, I will find space for them somewhere in the Brassica patch.

Autumn Calabrese 

Sow Indoors          - March - June 
Sow Outdoors       - April - June 
Harvest                 - July October

  • Outstanding Summer/Autumn variety
  • Smooth, domed, heads with medium beads 
  • Plenty of sideshoot production once central head is cut

Germination: 5 - 10 Days 
Plant Height: 450mm
Prefered Position: Full Sun

Sowing Instructions

Sow thinly in a well-prepared seed bed from April to June at a depth of 13mm in rows 300mm apart. Alternatively sow in pots or a seed tray of good seed compost and cover with 6mm of compost or vermiculite at a minimum of 15C until germination that takes around 7 days. 

Growing Instructions 

Thin seeds ro 100mm apart when large enough to handle. Transplant to their final positions around 5 weeks later when the seedlings have four or five leaves at a distance of 500mm apart, and cover with a protective netting or fleece. For indoor sowings, at first leaf stage , prick out into individual cell trays pr 75mm pots.

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